Superintendent of Police Korea Santosh Singh selected for "IACP Award 2021"


has held various policing roles in his career. For three and half years, he was posted in difficult districts of Chhattisgarh where left-wing extremism, such as Maoism (a form of armed insurgency against the state), has deep roots. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh described Maoism as India's biggest internal security challenge, but SP Singh worked hard to win the trust of the people through various community policing programs. He was instrumental in neutralizing, arresting, and gaining the surrender of hundreds of Maoists. He displayed exemplary courage and valor and was a key player in increasing the safety and security of the area.

During his Mahasamund district assignments, he strengthened a program called Child Friendly Policing. This initiative, in partnership with UNICEF, aimed to bring attitudinal changes in police and empowered children through various training and awareness programs. It significantly reduced crimes against children in the district and changed children's attitudes toward the police. He was given a Champions of Change award by Venkaiah Naidu, vice president of India, for this effort.

He's provided self-defense training to thousands of children, decreased crimes in all districts where he's commanded, and led from the front in ensuring all of India's Covid-19-related guidelines were followed. Thousands of people were provided rations and food packets during lockdown by police. Under his command, the Raigarh Police distributed about 1.24 million free facemasks to people in a single day. He was also recognized as among the top 20 public servants in India Promoting Good Governance and Innovations during Covid-19 by Bureaucrats India, a Delhi-based organization.

"Serving the community, helping and protecting people, doing different things every day, and having a job with prestige and pride motivate me.